Happy New Year, Ground Hog's Day, and Presidents Day

It is now February - so I will write a quick update.  Nick is in the midst of his Hockey season, last year as a mite, next year he will be a Squirt (I'm really not sure who came up with the naming convention).  He continues to love the most expensive sport, as well as the most expensive position in the most expensive sport - Goalie!  He has been improving a lot in the position this year and thankfully trades off with another kid on the team.


Zack is loving his preschool, and will start Kindergarten this Fall at Marine (which our School Board and Superintendent want to close down because of "Inequities" - meaning our students do better and have a better environment to learn in.  Marine continues to be ranked top in Minnesota, and top in the nation as an elementary school, so closing it down along with two other schools in the district sounds like a real good idea (sarcasm).


Tiff is still at Target and Brian is still at UnitedHealth Group - both enjoying their jobs, but both worry about changes in both companies.