Murphy Roy

We are all sad and lost...

Murphy died unexpectedly July 14th, Tuesday morning, just after 5 AM after being let outside as part of his morning ritual.  After a minute or so of being outside he hadn't come in to scarf down his breakfast, as he normally does, and was found out in the lawn having what appeared to be a seizure.  Unfortunately there was nothing we could do but hold him and be there with him – he passed quickly and we hope without too much pain.  We don't know what the trigger was, but he appeared to be in good health.


We are so sad, – so lost without our puppy greeting us, walking to the mailbox with us, sleeping on the floor next to us, or him suddenly appearing when you are about to snack on something.  We miss him so much, as Murphy has always been referred to as our first child, and recently our favorite child.  He would have turned 10 years old on July 22st.

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