Nicholas Garneau

Nick turned 10 in October has moved to a new school this year and has started 3rd grade at Marine Elementary.  Nick loves his brother, having friends over, and enjoys keeping his room a mess to torment his parents. Nick is a sports fanatic – loves playing and trying any type of sport.  His favorite is Hockey, followed by Baseball, Soccer, then Lacrosse (I think he would try every sport if he had the time for it.


The photos above are a year out-dated and I will need to put the new ones in soon - he has changed a LOT in the last year.


This past Winter was Nick's second year of hockey, and the first year they had the opportunity to be goalie.  Nick loves the position and doesn't get frustrated when he is scored upon... a frequent occurrence.  He focuses on the next goal.  I asked why he likes goalie, thinking he would say 'all the cool gear,' but his answer surprised me a bit.  He said, "I want to stop the other team from scoring so my team can win the game."  Can't argue with that.  We aren't sure if it will stick, but Stillwater Hockey Association has loaned us gear that he can continue to use.


At school and daycare, Nick has emerged as a leader of the other kids, organizing games, activities and fun.  The other day at daycare, Tiff could hear the other kids talking about him.. "Is he here?  Do you see him?"  Apparently Nick has gained some sort of rock star type following at daycare.